Animalia: Amphibia - H2O1124
Milan, 9-10 November 2024
Silvia Molinari
175,0000 EUR excluding materials
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We really enjoyed it…and so did you. Therefore, our watercolour workshops, dedicated to animals, have become a series, each time full of new protagonists.

On this occasion, our attention will be focused on those beings whose life is totally bound to water, which is exactly what happens with our beloved painting technique. But these small creatures do not disdain to stand on the ground: we will paint Amphibia. Frogs, tree frogs, newts, tritons…shining with water in their bright colours.
Silvia will guide us in the choice of subjects and of the suitable cotton paper, in the preparations of our work, beginning with a correct pencil drawing and following the rules of proportion; we will learn to choose the best brushes, to measure out and mix pigments and water, in order to reproduce the brightness of Amphibia colours and the reflection of water on their skin.

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