Conservation: Study days
Milan, 16/17 November 2024
Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo
255,0000 EUR materials included
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The study days are dedicated to those who have already attended the basic courses on restoration or have a similar preparation. In fact we take for granted the basic skills related to tools, materials, adhesives, as well as the basic procedures applied in the field of restoration.
Each participant must bring the books that need to be mended: we remind you that the topic is little repairing of the cloth covers and not of the pages; hence, the paper must be in good conditions with no tears or gaps.
During the day will be analysed and demonstrated the possible techniques available to repair any minor damages that often affects cloth and paper bindings: corners bent, broken, or with the lining worn or incomplete; backs disconnected, incomplete or torn on the joint; endpapers damaged at the hinge. It will not be possible to deal with more serious cases of covers incomplete and / or completely detached from the book (ie, without back or with a board missing).
The topics to be covered will include techniques of consolidation and stabilization of the damaged materials and the restoration of small missing parts with paper pulp, starch paste and Japanese paper; the reconstruction of the joints and headcap in fabric or paper; the reassembly of the parts partially detached. It will also be shown retouching with watercolor, used to replenish chromatically the gaps reconstructed.

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