Milan, 12 October 2024
Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo
100,0000 EUR excluding materials
Promoted yet not organised
by Professione Libro

During this workshop, a structure without adhesives and very versatile is developed, which through simple stitching and targeted folding allows you to create displays in which to collect papers of various formats and sizes, which can then be unfolded and enjoyed all at the same time in a kind of large map / exhibitor.
Different variations will be shown in terms of format, size and type of materials: in fact, the basic structure can provide many different solutions, as with the right design it can adapt to the different needs of the contents.

It is suitable for graphic subjects, drawings, calligraphy, texts or illustrations: everything can be inserted, even creating an interesting dialogue between the sewn pages as well as between them and the background, in an changing mosaic of the parts that can transform the reading and meaning of the work.
It is a structure of simple construction that is also suitable for works to be carried out with children or with recycled material, with a view to creative reuse.
During the working day, some time will also be dedicated to direct graphic intervention on the pages and on the structure, in order to better understand their potential.

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