Online, by appointment
Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo
40,0000 EUR excluding materials
The idea of creating Online Individual Consulting was born in a time of pandemic, to replace (and afterwards to complement) our usual face-to-face Individual Projects meetings.
This new formula allows you to book customized counseling sessions with Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo, lasting 1 or 2 hours, on a date and time to be agreed each time with the teacher upon prior contact by email.
Unlike the Individual Projects, accessible only to those who have already attended our basic courses or have similar skills, the consulting is also open to beginners. This is a totally customizable service: it will therefore be able to satisfy the needs of those who want to be followed in the realization of a practical bookbinding or conservation project (along the lines of Individual Projects sessions) but also the needs of those seeking only an initial theoretical advice.
During the meetings, you can ask for specific information on both the methodological approach and the practical aspects, such as the equipment and materials needed to develop the project in your own space (professional or domestic); there will also be, when needed, moments of demonstration by the teacher, with detailed explanations of the processes.
Those who need purely theoretical advice can benefit from the advice of the teacher to better understand which strategies to adopt in order to develop the project, as well as receive information about suppliers, materials, tools, and technical documentation useful for the chosen theme.
In the event that after the first session the project turns out to be more complex and articulated, the skills or needs of the student wider, or the services of external professionals considered necessary (art printers, typographers, suppliers, bookbinders - including the teacher - as in the case of editorial projects, tests on materials, prototyping) and therefore the consulting becomes professional and no longer exclusively educational, a tailor-made project will be drafted and, if approved by both parties, will allow direct contact between the student and the professionals concerned.

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