BOXES - II - BX20218
Milan, 23/27 February 2018
Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo
470 EUR materials included


This type of box is the continuation on the "Neck-box" treated in Boxes - I, and part of the Basic-Boxes series.
Thanks to the special construction of the box-layers, they can be stacked on each other without slipping sideways. A lid closes the top-layer.

Later on it is always possible to add new box-layers.
This kind of box is extremely suitable as a tools-box, which can stand on your worktable.

In this five-day workshop the box, with two layers and a lid, will be made out of cardboard and covered with strong paper. One layer is divided in three compartments, one of which with a round bottom, to contain smaller tools or objects.

This workshop is open for (not completely) beginners and advanced students.
Acquaintance with the use of materials and tools is advisable.

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