Leksand, Sweden, 15/19 July 2024
Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo
967,0000 EUR materials included
Promoted yet not organised
by Professione Libro


If you think of a samples-book
as some kind of dusty album
full of boring scraps of paper
or uninteresting fabrics,
this workshop will be
a starting point to change
your mind.

You might be surprised
of the variety of bookbinding
structures that can be made
to contain small collections
of items you already posses
or samples of your own pattern
and graphic research.

You can also pick up ideas for
your professional presentations.

A five days workshop
to work at containers
and their content.

The work will involve graphic
and color research related
to the display of the different
items and the making
of suitable containers
for each collection.

Ideas in progress for a new
understanding of samples-books.





All the materials to make
the structures (samples books)
will be provided and are included
in the course fee.

Before the course starts
you will receive a list
of suggested materials
to gather as "samples".

You will also receive a detailed
list of individual tools to bring
along to work during the class.



Leksand is famous for its
strong tradition in folklore,
folk music and its beautiful
nature and with its surrounding
communes around lake Siljan,
is one of the most popular
tourist attractions in Sweden.

Some people say that Dalarna
is like a Sweden in miniature.

The region has a unique
craftsmanship tradition.
With this strong tradition as base,
Leksand Folk High School
is considered as one of
the best craftsmanship
pre-trainings in the country.

In summer nights you can
experience the nordic light
and join the midsummer festival.

Only two hours away you
can visit the Swedish
mountain area.

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