Daniela Lorenzi

Daniela Lorenzi is the founding figure of A14.

A14 has a 30-year experience in the field of original print making, with the design and delivery of artists' projects such as the production and printing of limited editions, artists books, and research projects that combine traditional techniques with new digital technologies. A14 operates internationally through a network of artistic collaborations, among which at present the most important ones are in Brazil.

A14 has worked in the educational field with institutions at all levels from nursery and primary schools, to junior middle and high schools, as well as universities, organising and delivering courses, seminars, lectures and professional training workshops (2004/2005 FSE courses) open to both artists and laymen with an interest in original print making. Thanks to a very active international network of artistic collaborations and exchange projects, A14 has been able to carry out these educational activities internationally, notably in Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Brazil (it's worth mentioning the project called 'Atelier Gravura', a series of workshops and educational activities for teachers, in collaboration with Visanet/Institute for Contemporary Art TOMIE OHTAKE).
In 2010 Daniela Lorenzi has also organised and delivered a six-month course on Printing Techniques and Technologies at the Brera Academy in Milan.

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