Eleonora Cumer

Eleonora Cumer was born in Bolzano in 1956 and still resides in the town. She specialises in artistic books, installations with books and illustrations. For several years now she has also conducted workshops and seminars in contemporary art museums and other public structures in Italy. She has also taken part in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad.
Some of her works are in private collections and public institutions.

"I have been elaborating this style of book over the last years. Part of the idea behind the elaboration is that turning over the pages or ceremoniously 'unrolling' the graphic concept adds a greater sense of curiosity and intensity to the small work of art that you find in your hands.
Touching, turning and rearranging the book gives a multitude of reading opportunities and it is as if one enters into the object itself. Both tactile and visual experiences come together to offer a new reading sensation in which the book becomes a sculptured handcraft and the craft gives rise to the book. As such the joys of art and reading complement each other in a form of celebration.
The themes which are developed are both of a personal emotional level and an evocation of current social dilemmas. The technique applied is that of stencil combined with printed recycled materials."

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