Dario Zeruto

Born in Havana (Cuba) in 1965.
He lives in Barcelona.
Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic Higher Institute of Havana, he began as an autodidact  to experience the textile processing since his youth.

His training becomes more rigorous when he comes into contact with indigenous women of the Suriki Island (Bolivia) where he learned ancestral weaving techniques.
He develops an ongoing research and his own training, finding in the intersection between textile techniques, bookbinding and the three-dimensionality of paper, his specific way of artistic expression.
Alongside the artistic production, he has an intense experimental teaching activity, working with public and private institutions both in Italy and in Spain.
Birgit Skiold Prize in London Art Book Fair to the book "42 ° 30'22''N, 1 ° 16'28''E".
He became part of the National Art Library Collections, Victoria & Albert Museum.

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