Ramona Malfatti

Born and raised in the Bologna hills, she has always cultivated a deep love for art and books. Over the years she approaches both worlds in many ways, albeit not through a conventional training path.
In 2012 she decides to take it seriously and starts attending Professione Libro workshops.
Under the guidance of Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo, she begins training as a bookbinder, immediately developing a particular interest in non-adhesive bindings.
In 2014, during a workshop on Blizzard Books, she is struck by the beauty of the fold that becames her true obsession. In the same year she begins to attend courses on traditional and contemporary origami with Luisa Canovi at Origami-Do, in Milan.
Since then she never stops exploring the theme of folds through conferences, workshops, research and personal experimentation.
Over the years she had the good fortune of being pupil of the famous artists of the fold Dario Zeruto and Paolo Bascetta.
Since 2016 she has been working as a bookbinder / paper designer at her home-studio in Bologna, where she works on (not only) paper projects dedicated to events, installations, packaging and communication.


Classes where Ramona Malfatti taught

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