Milan, 27/28 January 2018
Elena Pellicoro
225 EUR materials included

We can define embossing - gaufrage or embossing - the third dimension of the sign on the paper.
In our workshop we will learn to use this technique to achieve the three-dimensionality, and thus give the paper tactile, sensory characteristics and allow the light to become a dynamic actor in composition.
The play is engraving embossed images or signs on paper with the use of a few simple tools.
The engraved stamps of some documents, the Braille alphabet, even the credit card name: these are also a goffrage.
We will use it creatively to create different graphic and calligraphic compositions or participations and greeting cards, works of every kind that you can look with your fingers and eyes.
Level: for everyone. It requires a minimum of manual skills.

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