Milan, 7/8 April 2018
Dario Zeruto
240 EUR materials included

The aim of the workshop is to experiment and explore the use of paper folding and cutting as a tool for creation. Understanding how the bending and carving line affects the sheet is a preliminary exercise necessary to turn it into a three-dimensional and moving object. Pop-up technique.

A two-day trip to the world of Pop-Up structures accompanied by Josef Albers's exercises at the Bauhaus, Munari's travel sculptures and the concrete artwork of Lygia Clark.

In this journey we will experiment with paper engineering techniques to provide the participants with the basic elements for the construction of three-dimensional structures, that they can use for the production of postcards, books or paper sculptures.

These will be the specific objectives:
- Know the different ways of pop-up structures, both 180 ° and 90 °.
- Learn the basic concept of pop up structures. The kinetic energy generated by the movement: from the opening of the pages and the linear movement to the rotating motion.
- Know the basics of pop-up structures: composition, construction and movement.
- Know the materials best suited to this technique.
- Variation of geometric parameters vs. variation of movements.
- Understand the relationship between the bending line and the cutting line and how this relationship can generate a three-dimensional object.
- Structures with: parallel and converging folds, generations, cross-levels.
- Structures with circular elements.
- Use of repetition as a constructive element.
- Know and learn how to use cutting and bending tools.
- Approach to binding systems for pop-up structures.

Bookbinding and conservation - Book's learning paths