Monte Mesma, Ameno, 9-14 July 2018
Kathy Abbott
860 EUR materials included

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TOMORROW'S PAST is a small, international group of bookbinders who make modern conservation bindings for antiquarian books.
The number of bookbinders involved with Tomorrow's Past has remained fairly constant – between ten and twelve binders from UK, Italy, France, The Netherlands and others as invited. All of them work professionally as bookbinders, some as teachers, and most handle work of many different types and periods in their everyday work. This fusion of experience and historical awareness with modern conservation materials, techniques and skill has produced work which is radical in its simplicity, ingenuity and truth to materials.
'Surely it is better to create tomorrow's past than to repeat today's.'
Edgar Mansfield (1907-1996), bookbinder and sculptor.
Course Description
On this intensive five-day course, we will introduce the Tomorrow’s Past concept by re-creating two of Kathy Abbott’s book- structures for previous Tomorrow’s Past exhibitions: the Clip-on-cover binding and the Sacred binding.  These modern conservation binding structures are very durable, fully reversible and allow the text-block to open completely flat. 
Then as a group, we will examine and diagnose the problems of your own antiquarian books in need of repair or rebinding, before exploring different ways of creating new, modern conservation book structures for them.
You will examine different book structures previously created for Tomorrow’s Past exhibitions and then you will learn to make maquettes to trial your own structural ideas.  Following this, you will begin the process of repairing and stabilising your text-block, ready for its new conservation binding. 
Previous bookbinding experience is essential: you must either have experience in restoration/conservation AND/OR have made several types of book structures (adhesive and non-adhesive).  This course is not suitable for beginners.

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