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Who said that a book to be such must necessarily have thick backs, complex sewings, lined hardcovers?
During this seminar we will tiptoe into the world of folded single sheet editions, where it is possible to produce real books but with simplicity, with only cuts and folds. Starting from outspread sheets, we can create various models by playing on the size and format, changing the proportions and position of the folds that generate the pages: we will learn to recognize how to arrange texts and images inside and on the cover, sometimes following the randomness that derives from the folds, sometimes governing the layout.

Above all, however, we will follow this path by acquiring awareness of the characteristics of the material, learning to discern the different types of fibers, the weights, the - fundamental! - direction of the grain, the behavior of papers and cards.

It is a practical workshop during which you will learn to use the basic tools of bookbinding, to correctly make folds, creases and cuts. We will make different models using materials with different characteristics; participants will also be given information about graphic materials (texts and images) that they can bring to complete their work with personalized content.
The seminar, lasting 3 hours face to face, is preceded (the day before) by an online session, lasting about an hour, to start familiarizing yourself with tools, nomenclature and techniques and to view a range of possible models.
The course is suitable for beginners.

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