Original print making and Bookbinding
#07 - Bonus track - the invisible - RBP71218
Milan, 24/25 March 2018
Daniela LorenziCristina Balbiano d'Aramengo
210 EUR materials included

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From content to form and back
Through a collaboration of A14/Daniela Lorenzi and Cristina Balbiano d'Aramengo, the theme of this new series of workshops proposes bookbinding and original print making techniques as instruments for graphic design project planning and production.
Intentionality, technique, form, content, and language are all elements which equally contribute to the successful design, planning, and creation of a book or a folder.
The workshops provide an opportunity to closely look at the world of small publishing houses and limited edition artists books, and draw inspiration from artists and graphic designers projects, as well as from significant experiences in bookbinding.
Bonus track - The Invisible
Light and perception

Light / Darkness
Opacity / Transparency
Composition / Space
Cutting / Depth
You thought we were done, but no, here's a "bonus track"!
To close the circle from white to black, through an exploratory path, we decided to make visible the invisible. Irony aside, we will work with the technique of woodcut,  creating matrices and printing them with either baren (Japanese manual technique) than with the etching press, focusing on the possible results in printing with special inks that will achieve filigree effects visible in transparency, or that appear only when exposed to UV light. For the bookbinding we chose models with three-dimensional developments to allow the access of the light between the papers.

Bookbinding and conservation - Book's learning paths